• Testicular cancer awareness month

    April is testicular cancer awareness month in some countries. 

    At Velv’Or we believe you should be checking your balls regularly for suspicious changes, whatever the month.

    Wearers of our cockrings may be more aware of their balls, but all the same you should be checking yours at least once a month. 

    Here’s how:

    1. Do your assessment right after a warm bath or shower, when your scrotum is relaxed.

    2. Stand before a mirror. Survey for scrotal swelling.

    3. Support your testicles with your palm. Note their size and weight. This will help you discern any future changes.

    4. Examine each testicle separately. Place your second and third fingers under one testicle with your thumb on top. Gently roll the testicle between your thumb and fingers to feel for any irregularities. Repeat on the other testicle.

    5. Find the epididymis, the soft, rope-like structure on the back of each testicle. By identifying the epididymis, you won’t mistake it for a lump.

    You are feeling for any bumps or lumps. They can be smaller than a pea. Check the sides really well, and the top and bottom.

    See your doctor if you note any questionable signs, especially those lasting longer than two weeks. 

    Watch these short videos posted on YouTube by Charlie David, in which people talk about their balls and what has happened to them.

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