• Coming in in Comfort

    Let’s talk landing strips – and lets get it clear from the start, we’re talking the aeronautical type not the sculpted pubic hair type. 

    Have you ever been in a plane in a bumpy landing, or had your flight delayed because of poor local conditions? 

    Henk Hesselink, Senior Research and Development Manager at the Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR), is leading a team to help overcome some of those experiences. 

    Henk and his team are working on the EU funded Endless Runway project. They know that a circular runway, compared with a straight landing strip, can markedly improving take off and landing. In turn, this increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the airport and the user experience all round.

    Encircling an airport with a runway allows planes to take off and land with less impact from wind direction. The planes just land on or take off from the least wind-affected section of the runway. If the wind changes direction, then the pilots use another section of the landing strip. That means fewer delays waiting for the correct conditions and fewer bad experiences for all those on board.

    Circular runways allow airports to be more functional and make better use of the land they occupy. They help squeeze out an improved performance from the resources available. 

    The idea of a circular runway may sound odd - that’s probably because we’ve lived with and become accustomed to the long straight ones for many years now. The idea though is not new. Back in 1931, architect Charles Glover proposed to increase airborne traffic in London by building an elevated airport above the railway sidings of King’s Cross.

    At Velv’Or, we are applying modern thinking to an old idea, too. 

    At Velv’Or, we know what EnRinging your resources can do for you. You’ll find your assets are maximised using one of our rings or loops. 

    Choose from our bespoke range of JCobras and JPythons, or from our ready to wear JNajas, JNadas and JBoas. They will make your more effective: as will wearing one of our BeauGosse. There’ll certainly be fewer bumpy rides for you!

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