• Off your wish list – Onto your Crown Jewels

    You’ve got your eyes on one of our stunningly beautiful JCobras. In fact, you’ve had your eyes on one for some time now. So what’s stopping you contacting us to enquire about having one made for you? An enquiry does not mean you will be committed to commissioning one for yourself. Though, it does mean we can provide answers to your questions. Write, message, Skype or phone us – find out how to here.

    In the meantime, here are some thoughts that may help you obtain your JCobra. 

    Is it that your JCobra is not high enough up your wish list of things you desire? What might help you reprioritize you list? At Velv’Or we say review your wish list regularly. Once every six months might be sensible. Keep only those items on your list that are going to bring you pleasure once you get them. Place them in order – the more pleasure they are likely to bring you the closer they should be to the top of you list. When doing this consider how quickly things are moving off your list and how long it might take for your JCobra to reach a position where you’ll reward yourself by ordering it. And, don't leave it so long that your wish list has become a bucket list. Life is for the living – so get out there and indulge yourself as soon as possible.

    Is it that you are worried you might order the wrong size JCobra? We won’t say we’ll take you by the hand because you could get the wrong idea, but we will guide you through the process so that you can be sure you get the right size and will be assured of benefiting from your JCobra.

    Is the price of your JCobra holding you back from commissioning it? Yes, they are bespoke luxury items, that can't be denied. Their prices reflect the craftsmanship that has gone into their design and creation, as well as reflecting the types and amounts of noble metals used. We offer hollow and solid versions. It could be that a lighter hollow version would suit you more than a heavier solid version.

    The JCobra is intended to last: so many things these days are thrown away all too soon. With that in mind, think of how much pleasure your JCobra will bring you each time you wear it. Think too of how often you want to experience that level of pleasure across the years to come. Is a JCobra such a big investment when you think in those terms? No. So why shouldn't you indulge yourself now? Or will you still be coveting a JCobra when your wish list has become your bucket list? Can you truly afford to miss out? 

    A JCobra is a longterm commitment to yourself, to your sexuality, and to both the mental and physical aspects of your sexual health. The sooner you are EnRinged with your JCobra, the more you’ll be able to enjoy your investment. 

    Order yours now

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