• Why just for the Penis

    Many people ask me: "Jelle, can the BeauGosse BG 001 or JBoa be worn around the Penis & Scrotum/Balls like a normal cock ring?"

    My answer always is: Yes, but I created them Just for the Penis; wearing them just around the penis makes them more effective.

    The next question normally is: "Where on the penis should I wear a BeauGosse BG 001 or JBoa?"

    My answer to this question is always: As close to the body as possible, so the base of the penis is ConStricted. By doing this you create a barrier, which lets only minimal amounts of blood out of the spongy chambers (Corpora Cavernosa & Corpus Spongisum) in the penis. This results in a firmer and fuller erection.

    The ConStricted gentleman can decide for himself when he wants to release the effect, which he can do by moving the BeauGosse BG 001 forward up the shaft of his penis or by adjusting the JBoa's loop by lowering the stainless steel cylinder/toggle.

    Another frequently asked question is: "Can the BeauGosse BG 001 or the JBoa only be worn during intercourse, or can they also be worn during masturbation, or even when not being active sexually?"

    To this I always answer that both can be worn whatever you are doing. They will intensify the pleasure and sensation the gentleman is experiencing while his penis is being stroked. The feeling of a shredded ConStricted penis cannot be compared with the feeling of one that is not ConStricted. It is as simple as that. His ejaculation will blow him into heaven.

    And even if worn when not active sexually the experience will be rewarding. I always wear one of them during, and for a time after, showering. I do this as it make me feel more masculine, and it helps enlarge the blood chambers (Corpora Cavernosa & Corpus Spongisum) of my penis. My penis then remains more there/in the moment for the rest of the day.

    To sum things up, both the BeauGosse BG 001 and the JBoa can both be worn during and for multiple experiences.

    I wish you a sensual day & hope you enjoyed reading this newsletter!! If you have any questions for a next newsletter feel free to mention them in a reply.

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