• JNada review - The JNada is a different experience

    Great review of our JNada by a Dutch member of our League of EnRinged Gentlemen

    The new JNada is delivered to me in a shiny a plastic bag instead of the stylish box in which the JNaja was delivered to me.

    The JNada is not the first product from Velv’Or I own therefore I can compare the JNada with the JNaja.

    Wearing the JNada feels different from wearing the same size JNaja while there is less pressure. Less pressure is good when wearing it while being seated at work or biking. The perineum part of the JNaja is sometimes a challenge when I wear the JNaja in my daily life while it can get in the way. When the body says stop you should listen to your body and un-ring yourself. Being enringed for many years I know that my body sometimes says Stop.

    Certainly, the JNada is used at special occasions, but the main reason for buying the JNada is the comfort of wearing it all day. Needless to say that wearing the JNada lifts your male spirit like the JNaja does!!

    The bed part is not the most important to me. The sex is different and of course the aid of the Gentlemen's Ring is noticeable. The best part for me is not having to worry about the JNada afterwards. Where most Cock Rings have to be removed at some point the JNada can stay in his place. The JNaja “works” better in bed and when I want the challenge or stimulation I would choose the JNada, or both of them. Yes, they fit nicely together giving some vibrations when moving against one another. I think a novice user might not have the space in “the package” to do this. But believe me in time things become more flexible.

    My negative remark on the JNada as well ast the JNaja is the discoloration. If you buy a nice colourful JNada or JNaja  it is a little pity to see the colour disappear in time. Personally I do not think this is a unique feature as Velv'Or says, it is just a fact of the color fading. And it is not even in the sunlight for most of the time.

    Some might think that there also is an other issue while most shops only sell 45 mm, 50 mm, and 55 mm as JNaja sizes.
    I can not wear 45 mm or 50 mm comfortably for a long time. For me 47,5 mm is really the best size to wear. So buy your JNada at Velv’Or and wait for your JNada to be printed specially for You. I think it is worth waiting for to have your JNada or JNaja is the perfect size for you.

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