• Differing views

    What's that useless piece of skin at the end of a penis called? 

    Well it all depends on how you look at it. It’s a matter of perspective.

    Some people will say it’s a foreskin, the more medical amongst us may call it a prepuce, and some folks will have a personally favoured name for it. Then there are folks who come at it from a different perspective. They’ll tell you it’s a man or a waste of space.  And of course the analytical amongst us will ask, "What does "useless" mean in this context?" 

    The answers given to this seemingly simple question depend on the individual’s upbringing, perceptions and perspectives. Whether your answer was a foreskin, a prepuce, or a man, it will not change the fact that a penis is a penis, unless it has been circumcised - in which case it is something a bit less than nature intended. 

    As for the term "useless", context is everything. In reality few things are useless in life. The foreskin has evolved as part of the human penis, so it does have some purpose in order to have been retained through evolutionary selection. It is just a matter of seeing the purpose, and realizing it is not useless.

    In a similar way, some men think a cock ring as being useless for them. These men are happy with their hard-ons. For them cock rings can be synonymous with erectile dysfunction, flaccidity at the wrong time, soft-ons, … 

    To our minds though their perceptions are limiting their experiences. Even the man capable of a robustly engorged erection can benefit from the right type of cock ring. That's why at Velv'Or we offer a wide range of rings: from our stretchy BeauGosse BG 001 that will definitely keep you rock hard, through to our platinum King JCobra, that bestows a marked level of exuberance. 

    We are proud of all our range, especially our bright and beautiful 3D printed cock rings: the JNada, the JNaja, the JNamo, and the JNata. Available in a range of colours and sizes, they can all help you make the most of your manhood whether worn then flaccid or ready for action. You will look stylishly fit EnRinged with whichever one you wear. It will maximize the blood retained in your penis boosting its length and girth. It will help sustain your erection, your orgasm will be more intense and you will find you ejaculate with more force. Wearing one adds panache, pizazz and potency.

    So if you’re not one of our League of EnRinged Gentlemen, who know the usefulness of our cock rings, have a look at what is available in our online store and purchase one or two. And if you are one of the League, then why not add to your collection?

    Wear a Velv’Or cock ring and there’ll be no risk of being thought of as a useless piece of skin at the end of your penis.

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