• Why VICE wants Velv'Or

    VICELAND, Vice Media’s Emmy Award winning TV channel is working on a new series, hosted by Vogue columnist Karley Sciortino, which explores sexuality from an in-depth and sex-positive perspective that challenges outdated ideas about sex and love.

    They are currently researching themes around sex and money, focusing on people who are aroused by expensive items. VICE would love the opportunity to speak with Velv'Or’s King JCobra & JCobra fans in New York, L.A. or San Francisco to hear about any insights and experiences they’d like to share.

    Will VICE only talk to fans?

    No of course not, they will also talk to me in this VICELAND documentary. I will tell them all about the exclusive King JCobra, JCobra and VV 1. And beside this I will also show them the soon to be launched partner used dildo. A dildo that will be available in Precious Metals as well as in a Hard (Vigor) and a Soft (Velvet) Polyurethane Resin. All will be individually made by my award winning UK Silversmith.

    I sincerely hope you are willing to help me out here to make this documentary a very successful one. VICELAND's documentary about the emerging male sex doll industry has been viewed over 23 million times.
    Here is the link to watch it on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKFHZuCvvS4

    Please let me know if you are interested in talking to VICE about this great VICELAND documentary so I can introduce you to the sweet Pilar Belendez-DeSha. If you are not in New York, L.A. or San Francisco I know for sure there will be a way VICE can set something up.

    A huge thanks in advance for your help!!

  • Would you Swing on a Swingers Cruise? If so don’t forget to bring along your collection of CRings of ours. Many members of the League of EnRinged Gentlemen are Swingers or are thinking of becoming members of this community of open minded people. Actually many new members of the League of EnRinged Gentlemen saw other members wearing a CRing and made their decision of getting EnRinged themselves based on this. For us their is no better marketing compared to this!!

    Thanks for spreading the word about Velv’Or’s products!!

    Written by Carrie Dennis for Thrillist - For the original article head to https://www.thrillist.com/travel/nation/adult-only-swingers-cruises-everything-you-need-to-know


    Imagine, if you will, cutting through the pristine waters of the Caribbean Sea on a luxury ocean liner, while watching Goddess Phoenix and her slave boy cause a scene in a dungeon constructed in a repurposed conference room, right before you have sex with multiple people who are not your partner, but also with your partner. This could be you.

    We’ve already told you everything you need to know about nude beaches, world-wide erotic vacations, and land-bound swingers resorts, but cruises have been completely unchartered territory. Until now! This is all you’ll need to know before booking your first swingers cruise, from start to... erm… finish.

    Alright, let’s get right down to it. What actually goes down on these things?
    Well, sex! Just not on balconies for safety reasons. However, public playrooms and dark room parties -- where indiscriminate sexual contact occurs under poor lighting in passengers' private cabins -- are always an evening option and all manner of adult entertainment abounds, such as Cirque Du Soleil, comedy shows, parades, couples massages, theme nights, and pool deck competitions. “Like Spring Break for oversexed adults!” said travel agent Kevin (who tells us it’s not typical to use last names publicly in the adult travel industry), co-owner of TheSwingerCruise.com and longtime lifestyle -- another term for swinger -- cruiser.

    Wait, wait. Go back to that “playroom” idea.
    Oh, right! Picture a child’s toy room with a Fisher-Price kitchenette and eleven thousand Legos, and then immediately forget it because this is nothing like that and these two ideas should never, ever be associated. Instead, we’re referring to a repurposed conference room brimming with beds meant for group sex stuff from 11pm until around 4am. Though, if you feel like having sex with only one person who’s not your spouse, it’s fine, you can still check out the scene -- voyeurs are very welcome.

    Does sex stuff happen all day long too?
    Not exactly. During the day, passengers can check out seminars on topics such as using toys, dealing with jealousy (smart), enriching your relationship through communication, and finding the G spot, which should definitely be the name of the nightclub in this place. BDSM classes are also offered, which educate on everything from flogging, to beginning rope tying, to advanced rope tying. When in port, private clothing-optional excursions like beach parties or catamaran tours are often available, but so are normal activities like zip lining and diving while not having sex.

    So we have to be swingers?
    Not quite. First and foremost, these cruises are a kid-free zone for couples, and rarely marketed as strictly a swingers cruise, or strictly a nude cruise, or strictly any other kind of fringe interest cruise. Simply, bars are open later, orgies are completely elective, and pole dancing/hand sanitizer is heavily encouraged. “Freedom is the biggest thing,” said Bob, founder of Couples Cruise, the main charter company that’s hosted 11 of these jaunts as of this writing. Along with his wife Tess, Bob basically invented these things. “You can be sexy, be flirtatious, be who you are -- some people never get nude.” The point is you totally can get naked (in specified locations) if you want to. Kevin confirmed, “Everyone flies their own freak flag and nobody judges.” At least not out loud.

    We’re in! How do we book?
    There are two main charter companies for large-scale, full-ship takeovers, typically out of Florida: Bliss Cruise and the previously mentioned Couples Cruises. These charter companies have symbiotic relationships with the big vanilla -- the term to describe conventional lifestyles -- cruise lines, such as MSC Cruises and Celebrity Cruise. Bliss and CC then work with the ship’s cruise director to develop a suitable lifestyle program, i.e. accommodating dungeons and fetish rooms.

    Should we use a travel agent?
    Swinger-specialized travel agents -- like TheSwingerCruise.com, Right Connections Travel, Topless Travel (the in-house travel agency for dating site Swing Life Style), Dream Pleasure Tours, and Erotic Adult Travel -- can help you pinpoint exactly what you want from your cruise, and which ones are meant for partner swapping (since that’s not always obvious). However, these folks all offer the same cruise for exactly the same price, so no matter how you book, you’ll be on the same boat, and ready to bang everyone in sight.

    Who goes on these things?
    Ages are on a bell curve, but 48 years old is average. The majority are white, middle class couples and single women with varying political inclinations. But careful now -- single men are forbidden. Kevin said, “At least half of the women are bi/bi-friendly. It's a matriarchal society, believe it or not.”

    But what if I’m a single male with a friend who’s a girl? Do we have to prove we’re a romantic couple?
    Nope! As long as the couple is male/female, or female/female you’re good to go.

    Will vanilla cruisers who don’t want to have sex with us be mixed in here?
    It totally depends on which cruise you take. In this article we’re mostly referring to full boat takeovers, but half-takeovers exist, as well as vanilla cruises that only allot swingers a designated deck. Talk to your travel agent!

    Is the boat clean?
    You betcha! Sheets are changed constantly by the charter company’s volunteer staff, and hot tubs are drained every night, though use caution if you want a hot soak around 4am because it’s probably not just water in there.

    Are the people clean?
    Condoms are not provided, and sexual health is addressed much in the same way it is in the single dating world. As Kevin said, ”Most are careful, few are fastidious. For example, never have I ever seen a dental dam in use, but 99% use their own condoms.” Not each others’ condoms, their own condoms.

    Are they family friendly?
    Somehow! As long as said family is over age 18. “Interestingly, there are even relatives on board, but not in the same cabin,” Kevin said. So for all you mothers and sons, and uncles and nieces out there, just keep an opposite schedule. Or don’t! I don’t know your life.

    How do we meet other couples who are not family?
    Most people on these things are friendly and open to meeting new people, obviously, so all you have to do is get yourselves into the right place at the right time. Don’t sit at a table for two in the dining areas and if you meet a couple you like during the day, make plans to have dinner with them one night. Or “dinner”. It’s a cinch.

    Okay, this all sounds great if we want to leave from Florida. But what if we want to have high seas group sex internationally?
    You’re in luck! There are tour operators of the more luxury lifestyle vacation persuasion. LLV, and the less-publicized SDC, charter much smaller ships to more exotic locations, like Rio, Buenos Aires, and the Croatian Riviera. Though Couples Cruise does offer the occasional European river cruise.

    What should we bring?
    According to Matt and Bianca from Everbody Swing, a couple’s card with contact info and a photo will help others remember who you are, and a dry erase board and photo for your door is good for said others to find you at a later time for friendly conversation/sex. Additionally, a robe makes retrieving all your belongings after a romp in the playroom way easier, not to mention some cruise operators don’t want their staff exposed to your exposure. Perhaps too obvious are condoms and lube, and less obviously, a large water cup to help you stay hydrated! They actually recommend a large water cup to help you stay hydrated.

    Final question! Do you want to go on a swinger’s cruise with us?

    Yeah, I’ll get back to you on that.

  • Would you have a acupuncturist place needles in your back so he/she can help you last longer? We would for sure!

    This is what Men's Health has to say about it.

    If you’re blasting off too quickly in the bedroom, there might be a drug-free way to make you last longer: Acupuncture may be a successful treatment for premature ejaculation, a new review in the journal Sexual Medicine concluded. 
    When analyzing results from two previous studies on acupuncture, the researchers discovered that men with premature ejaculation who received the treatment increased their time before ejaculation by just over 30 seconds.

    Premature ejaculation can be primary, meaning it’s happened since your first sexual experience, or acquired, when it develops later on. The International Society for Sexual Medicine defines premature ejaculation as ejaculating within one minute of vaginal penetration for primary, or a decrease in time it takes to ejaculate, usually within three minutes, for acquired. In order to meet criteria for diagnosis, you also must be unable to delay your ejaculation, and the issue must cause you some kind of emotional distress.

    Researchers from a previous study on the effects of acupuncture and premature ejaculation theorize that the needles may stimulate a biological response in your body. This may alter the production of neurotransmitters in your brain, which can prove beneficial in premature ejaculation. In fact, that may be why antidepressants called serotonin-reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are usually the first-line medical treatment for it.

    If the thought of getting stuck with needles makes you queasy, SSRIs or an opioid pain-reliever tramadol can help you last longer in bed, too.

  • Realistic figures

    Numbers of sperm in western man's semen have apparently declined by 50% in the past 40 years, according to a recent academic study. Unsurprisingly, the announcement has resulted in a cascade of follow up articles. Sex stories sell magazines and increase footfall to websites!

    The Guardian, an English language newspaper from the United Kingdom, published an article about the declining sperm counts and suggested that an average man ejaculates 14 gallons of semen in his sexual lifetime. 14 gallons in the United States of America, which is were the figure seems to have come from (see www.menshealth.com), is 52.997 litres.

    The average male ejaculate is 3.7 mL of semen according to the World Health Organisation, though some guys deliver significantly more. So, 14 USA gallons equates to 14,323 average sized shots, which is one a day for roughly 39 years and 3 months.

    The 14 gallons figure caused a lot of correspondence in the United Kingdom, because in the UK 14 gallons converts to 63.645 litres, i.e. 20% more than in the USA.

    The UK and the USA are known to be two countries separated by a common language. Less well known is that they are also two countries separated by different volumetric systems.

    Leave a comment below - tells us what you think.

    Here’s a selection of some of the correspondence printed in the Guardian:

    Andrew Barnard. Staines, Middlesex – In her article (Making babies is beginning to look as difficult for men as it always has for women, 27 July), Suzanne Moore states that the average man “produces 14 gallons of ejaculate in a lifetime”. One doesn’t have to be Einstein to work out that 14 gallons of semen would require 12,740 ejaculations of five millilitres volume (the oft-quoted average). This would mean an average of just over four ejaculations per week, every week for a 60-year period (or five per week over 50 years, etc), say from early teens to early seventies. This seems unlikely. Perhaps Ms Moore is confusing gallons with litres – 14 litres produces rather more believable averages. I think that some proper checking of journalists’ figures is required. 

    Mark Oates. London – Andrew Barnard (Letters, 2 August) wrote in response to Suzanne Moore’s article (Making babies is beginning to look as difficult for men as it always has for women, 27 July) that her statistics were exaggerated and need to be checked because they would mean “an average of just over four ejaculations per week”. Mr Barnard needs to check what his male friends are up to, because a 2007 survey by Cupid Bay suggested men ejaculate on average eight times a week. It may also be worth his while to read the current NHS guidance on avoiding prostate cancer which encourages ejaculating at least 21 times a month. His suggestion that the author might have got her gallons mixed up with litres is laughable and would leave a large number of men hitting the lifetime average in their teenage years.

    Derek Worthing. Bristol – I wonder whether Andrew Barnard has considered that Suzanne Moore’s statistics are correct and that he is just not trying hard enough?

    Meirion Bowen. London – Andrew Barnard is quite right, though I would have thought that ejaculation rates vary according to age – i.e. the frequency is greater from teenage years to about late 40s, but declines thereafter. I’m also curious to know how these figures were obtained. Were men (or their partners) asked to keep records of the number of ejaculations per day over an extended period? I understand also that boars can shoot out 800 milligrams at one go. What fun!

    Paul Tattam. Chinley, Derbyshire – Suzanne Moore estimated total male ejaculate at 14 gallons, Andrew Barnard thought it more likely to be 14 litres, but I reckon Max got it just about right in Phoenix Nights when he confided to Paddy that he’d only been allotted “a bucket and an ’alf”. According to my garden bucket that amounts to 20 litres.

    David Collins. Kidderminster, Worcestershire – I must dispute Andrew Barnard’s “oft-quoted average” volume of ejaculate as 5ml. As any pop fan with an interest in band name derivations knows, a “Lovin’ Spoonful” is “10cc”. This immediately reduces the average lifetime’s ejaculations to a more realistic 6,370. 

    Ian Grieve. "Gordon Bennett", Shropshire Union canal  After a brief discussion with my wife about the ongoing debate quantifying male ejaculation (Letters, 5 August), I have been told in no uncertain terms to keep my hands, and anything else, away from our measuring jug.

    Adrian Brodkin. London  Eight times a week? Fourteen gallons? Fourteen litres? 6,370 ejaculations per lifetime? The figures given for ejaculation statistics differ wildly but surely, as between all these numbers, it is appropriate for there to be a vas deferens? 

    Chris Baker. Willington, Derbyshire  Has the stream of letters about ejaculation reached its climax (Letters 8 August) or are there lots more to come?

    Michael Cunningham, Wolverhampton  Chris Baker wonders whether the ejaculation letters have reached a climax (Letters, 10 August). Is it possible that  your male correspondents have finished sooner than their female counterparts? 

  • Velv’Or’s JBoa is just one of our simple yet beautiful cockrings for the ultimate gentleman. 

    With one, you'll do more than just rise. Once erect and enRinged with a JBoa you'll be as firm and as functional as one of our new elegant Jewel didoes. You’ll be hitting all the right spots.

    The JBoa is simplicity: a silicone cord held in a loop by a stainless steel cylinder. It, the JBoa Ridged and the JBoa Necklace / Bracelet with its extra long cord, are our ready to wear designs. The more ornately designed JBoa Special and the JPython, with its silver cylinder both belong to our bespoke range.

    The cord used is made of a comfortable to the touch, FDA approved, black silicone. The metal cylinders of the JBoas are fashioned from stainless steel, and those of the JPython are crafted from silver by our master silversmith. Ready to wear or bespoke, each comes in its own aluminium storage case with instructions on how to rethread the cylinder with the cord should they become separated.

    We know you’ll enjoy these amazing high quality products, so much so that you’ll be tempted to over use them. Please don’t! We don't want to be thought of as spoil sports, but we recommend you wear one for no longer than 30 minutes at any time.

    To wear, simply follow these instructions and you’ll remain constricted and ready for action:

    - Pull the silicone cord through the cylinder, so that the loop is large enough to fit around the shaft of your erect penis

    - Place the loop over your erection and move it down the shaft so that it is positioned at the base, as close to your body as possible

    - When in place, hold the cylinder and pull the loose ends of the cord so that the loop tightens around your penis and is comfortable

    It is as simple as that, you provide the wherewithal - an erect penis - and our JBoa or JPython will keep it firm and enduring.

    Once adjusted, enjoy yourself being conStricted. 

    For maximum comfort, we recommend you position the ends of the cord so that they hang beneath your penis, though the choice is yours. 

    If using the JBoa Necklace / Bracelet it is up to you to decide what you want to do with the longer cord. Why not try double looping your shaft, or wrapping the cord ends around your balls, or perhaps your partner will use the cord to whip you into a frenzy. Who knows where your play will take you.

    Instead of thinking what you might do, visit our Online store today to purchase your JBoa or your JPyhon. Better still pick up two JBoas at a special discounted price with our ConStricted Gentleman offer. Whilst at the store sign up for our newsletter and, if you are interested, contact us to find out more about our new Jewel.