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    Velv’Or’s JBoa is just one of our simple yet beautiful cockrings for the ultimate gentleman. 

    With one, you'll do more than just rise. Once erect and enRinged with a JBoa you'll be as firm and as functional as one of our new elegant Jewel didoes. You’ll be hitting all the right spots.

    The JBoa is simplicity: a silicone cord held in a loop by a stainless steel cylinder. It, the JBoa Ridged and the JBoa Necklace / Bracelet with its extra long cord, are our ready to wear designs. The more ornately designed JBoa Special and the JPython, with its silver cylinder both belong to our bespoke range.

    The cord used is made of a comfortable to the touch, FDA approved, black silicone. The metal cylinders of the JBoas are fashioned from stainless steel, and those of the JPython are crafted from silver by our master silversmith. Ready to wear or bespoke, each comes in its own aluminium storage case with instructions on how to rethread the cylinder with the cord should they become separated.

    We know you’ll enjoy these amazing high quality products, so much so that you’ll be tempted to over use them. Please don’t! We don't want to be thought of as spoil sports, but we recommend you wear one for no longer than 30 minutes at any time.

    To wear, simply follow these instructions and you’ll remain constricted and ready for action:

    - Pull the silicone cord through the cylinder, so that the loop is large enough to fit around the shaft of your erect penis

    - Place the loop over your erection and move it down the shaft so that it is positioned at the base, as close to your body as possible

    - When in place, hold the cylinder and pull the loose ends of the cord so that the loop tightens around your penis and is comfortable

    It is as simple as that, you provide the wherewithal - an erect penis - and our JBoa or JPython will keep it firm and enduring.

    Once adjusted, enjoy yourself being conStricted. 

    For maximum comfort, we recommend you position the ends of the cord so that they hang beneath your penis, though the choice is yours. 

    If using the JBoa Necklace / Bracelet it is up to you to decide what you want to do with the longer cord. Why not try double looping your shaft, or wrapping the cord ends around your balls, or perhaps your partner will use the cord to whip you into a frenzy. Who knows where your play will take you.

    Instead of thinking what you might do, visit our Online store today to purchase your JBoa or your JPyhon. Better still pick up two JBoas at a special discounted price with our ConStricted Gentleman offer. Whilst at the store sign up for our newsletter and, if you are interested, contact us to find out more about our new Jewel.

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