• Describing the JNaja

    It’s hard to describe. It’s more than an ergonomic shaped ring.

    It’s hardening, affirming and adorning. It’s tactile, balancing and EnRinging.

    Its form is realistically purposeful: a BeRinging torus with a vitalising arm reaching out to caress.

    The curve of the torus arches, bows, and undulates, as it girdles a slightly elliptical opening. Some describe this rolling flowing movement as wibbly. 

    Evocative of a saddle shaped hyperbolic paraboloid, the torus in profile calls to mind a lemniscate, the figure of eight that symbolises the infinite.

    At Velv'Or we describe the JNaja as a step towards you rewarding yourself with your own bespoke JCobra.

    How do you describe yours? Looking forward reading your comments on this post!!

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