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    A Velv’Or Cock Ring gives the wearer that EnRinged feeling. Some men so much enjoy the feeling that they wear their crings throughout the day. Some choose to wear different sized crings: a cring for comfort during the day, and a tighter cring for sex. Others wear a smaller cring during the day and a looser one during sex. Some opt to wear two together.

    Whatever size you choose to do, the truth is that the closer the cring sits against your body the more effective and pleasurable you’ll find the experience. So make sure that you wear yours correctly.

    To adorn yourself with one of our Cock Rings we recommend you start by placing the cring beside the side of your scrotum which contains your lowest hanging ball, and pulling some of the scrotal skin through the cring. When enough of your scrotum is through the cring your ball can be eased through. Gently hold that ball aside and begin to pull the rest of your scrotum through the cring. Once enough is through, a bit of encouragement will see your second ball join its brother through the cring.

    Holding both balls to one side, so they don’t retreat back through the cring, thread your flaccid penis through the remaining available space. Once everything is through the ring, hold your balls and penis and swivel the cring into its correct position. The cring should be up against your body, and if it has an arm, or snake’s head and neck, that should sit along your raphe where it traverses your perineum. The raphe is the line, sometimes it’s a ridge, in your skin that runs from your anus across your perineum over your scrotum and to some extent up the underside of your penis.

    Having correctly positioned your cring, use this following tip to help you enjoy even more the benefits of wearing it.

    With the cring in place, hold your scrotum and balls up a bit and reach down with a finger and find the part of the ring closest to your anus. Slide your finger towards your scrotum over the edge of the cring and down the shallow notch on the inside of the cring. Stop when you touch your scrotum. If you are not sure where the notch is, it is in line with the arm of the cring. On the King JCobra, the equivalent of the notch is where the tail touches the snake’s neck.

    Then while touching your scrotum push your finger down gently and with the finger tip ease a little bit more skin through the cring. It need only be a little extra skin.

    Now move to the other side of the cring where it sits above your penis. Push your penis down a bit. You’ll find that you can now ease the cring a little bit closer to your body by pulling a bit of pubic skin through the ring. Again it need only be a little extra skin.

    By making these manoeuvres you will help the ring to apply a bit of extra pressure to where the shaft of your penis enters your body the manoeuvres will also ensure that an arm, or snakes head and neck, on a cring will push that little bit more firmly against your perineum. Besides giving a stronger massage it will also apply additional pressure to the bulb or root of your penis beneath the perineum. This added pressure, will help push the blood into the shaft of your penis and help keep your erection hard.

    Of course, whatever you choose to wear, and however you choose to wear it, is a matter of personal choice - and also of how many Velv’Or Cock Rings you own. Naturally, we recommend having a wide collection of crings, so you can experiment with them.

    If you need to extend your collection have a look at our online store. We’ve recently increased the size range of our JNada and JNata ranges.

    If you want to jingle at Christmas place an order today.

    For all that like to see the face behing Velv'Or please head to  our Vlog on YouTube

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