• Being a proud Dad

    Somedays you just want to help and support your kids. Today is such a day that I want to support and help Jools my daughter of 15 with her brand bitter.sweat.peach

    I sincerely hope many of you will place an order and share her brand with friends, family and on social media. It doesn't have the stigma/taboo that Velv'Or has.

    Please visit http://bittersweetpeach.storenvy.com and follow bitter.sweat.peach on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/bitter.sweet.peach/

    Of course the bitter.sweat.peach products can also be included in your Velv'Or package. If so please send an email order to orders@velv-or.com

    Looking forward seeing your support!!

    Jelle - Owner of Velv'Or

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