• Silver


    Bright, reflective, lustrous.

    Resilient, adaptable, responsive.

    These characteristics of silver have helped make it attractive to man for the past 6000 years: a period during which, because of its rarity, it became a form of money and remains to this day a store of value.

    Silver has indeed come to occupy a special place in human history and in the lives of the people using it: mirroring, as it does, their own personalities.

    If it hasn’t as yet achieved a special place in you life, you can correct that easily. You can own one or more of our silver objets d’art - works of art that deliver on their artifice, have intended to be used and treasured, and have the potential to become family heirlooms to be passed from generation to generation. As the owner of a Velv’Or silver creation, you will find your sex life and that of your partner can become master pieces of enjoyment and satisfaction.

    Why choose silver? We say “Why not?” You want to impress - it is impressive. You want to gratify - it is gratifying. You are a sensual, pleasure-loving and performance driven individual - it provides a visual and tactile statement of what you are, what you’ve achieved and what you can deliver. It will link you with your enjoyment of the good things in life.

    Our sensual and luxurious devices made of this precious and noble metal with its superior conductivity rapidly acquire the warmth of the bodies they touch. They are unlikely to cause any contact reactions, affect your microbiome, or alter in the moist environments you will introduce them to. All are crafted by a master silversmith, who only uses silver from reputable suppliers who work to minimise their environmental impact.

    Have a look online to see what is available. Choose from our:

    • King JCobra - a magnificent sculpture providing firm pressure on your perineum to improve you erections and orgasms
    • JCobra - the stylised version of the King JCobra, available in solid or hollow, velvet or Vigor finished editions, and with the option of an embedded precious or semi precious stone of your choice
    • JPython - with its decorative silver toggle this lasso is guaranteed will keep you in pole position
    • VV X - designed for the ultimate g-spot or p-spot massage

    Contact us today at orders@velv-or.com to discuss you particular needs. Let us help you acquire the luxury you deserve in your life.

    ** If the image of the silver object with the face is yours or the one of the coins and you want me to remove them just email me at jelle@velv-or.com

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