• The VV X is Oh So Smooth

    We don’t mean smooth as in showing / having coolness - even though the Velv’Or VV X is an extremely cool piece of craftsmanship with which to intimately massage your partner.

    What we mean is its curves are smooth: it has no lumps, bumps, bristles or sharp bits. It is smooth. C’est lisse. Het is glad. È liscio. Es liso. Es ist glatt. It is ... well you get it … smooth: as smooth as the glans of a penis, unless of course the glans is ornamented as some are with pearly penile papules.

    Why have we designed the VV X like it is and with such a smooth finish? It is because we created it to be used by one partner on another partner to bring enjoyment and pleasure. And would you be surprised to learn that it evolved from an idea based loosely upon the modern day human penis? We’d be surprised if you weren’t!

    What do we mean by the modern day human penis? Well, many scientists believe that men have not always sported penises quite like the ones they possess today. During human evolution they think our ancestors penises were thin, short, sensory whiskered, spiny with a bone inside and a small glans.

    So what happened? How and why did our penises change to become long, thick, whiskerless, spineless and boneless, with a large glans and a long retractile foreskin? The answer that has been postulated is the change was brought about / sought by our female ancestors. They took matters into heir own hands and started a process that remodeled their partners’ penises for their needs.

    That’s not to say they did this consciously or that the changes occurred quickly. It is thought that a process of evolutionary selection started as our female ancestors developed an awareness of, and an ability to remember, what gave them pleasure. Their choice was for a penis that gave them more pleasure, a longer sexual experience, and that could be assessed easily and visually for its potential to deliver the goods. This selection process started well before our ancestors were even looking like humans.

    Over millennia our female ancestors mated preferentially with males whose penises provided greater pleasure and less trauma. Their partners’ characteristics were passed on to the next generation where another round of selection determined whether or not they were passed any further.

    Eventually, the bone was lost enabling the penis to enter into the vagina from different angles and once in to bend as necessary. The glans became bigger and the shaft lengthened and increased in girth. These changes in size enhanced stimulation of what has become the clitoris, while the softness of the larger glans aided entry of the penis into the vagina. As the erect shaft became longer it required more skin, which was provided in part by the development of the complex double-layered retractile foreskin. The foreskin itself became highly specialized and developed soft ridges to stimulate the female during sexual activity. In addition, foreskins that did not fully retract off the glans also aided easier and gentler penile entry of the vagina. Once inside the vagina, the foreskin facilitated a less abrasive and, compared with thrusting movement, a less aggressive gliding movement of the penis. The gliding movement also helped keep vaginal secretions inside the vagina thereby helping reduce vaginal dryness and discomfort. The sensory whiskers and spines, which are thought to have helped trigger ejaculation, were lost in exchange for an increased period of stimulation for the female between receiving the penis into the vagina and ejaculation.

    And if that was not enough for our female ancestors, our penises darken at puberty, which along with the longer thicker shaft and bigger glans helped a better-hung male to be spotted and assessed before any sexual activity took place.

    So today we have the modern day human penis. They come in varying lengths and girths, and degrees of straightness. All are boneless. The foreskin has become the most sensitive part, helping protect the glans both physically and chemically by the secretion of anti-bacterial compounds. It also keeps the glans clean and permanently lubricated thereby improving its sensitivity and aiding smoother intercourse. The frenulum another very sensitive part of the penis, links the foreskin to the glans. The glans comes in a range of sizes and though most are smooth, some men have pink or pearly penile papules decorating the coronal ridge of theirs. These harmless growths are thought to be the vestiges of the spines on the penises of our ancestors.

    We are not saying that the VV X is the shape of things to come. It is our interpretation of what can be used to give pleasure, be it the massaging of the G-spot in women or the P-spot in men.

    And as for your natural attributes, whatever you are endowed with be proud of it. Be proud as well of our ancestors who helped create it. Irrespective of its appearance, length and girth, or glans size and shape, treat it with respect. Its journey to be with you has been a long one. And when you want to give it a little rest and your partner some variation in your sexual actives, remember you can use a VV X.

    If you would like to get your hands on a Velv’Or VV X please place your order via our online store. Let us know which model you would like – gold, silver or resin - and we make it for you. Then when it arrives just enjoy the pleasure we are sure it will bring.

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