• A full body workout

    Some of you might know that I, Jelle Plantenga, the owner of Velv'Or hit the gym nearly all days of the week to do my CrossFit style workouts. Beside these workouts I also play squash about 3 times a week all to keep the body in a fit condition. After nearly all workouts and squash games I hit the sauna for about 15 minutes for an active meditation during my stretching sessions.
    While I believe it is essential to keep the total body in a fit shape I of course never forget my PWOD exercises. These I also do on a daily basis and when possible in the sauna.

    Here are some:

    Most you can do by yourself but some are great to experience together with your partner. I say "sorry" to all male lovers for using women on the pictures.

    The most essential thing of the PWOD's is to increase the blood flow in the chambers of the penis. Of course the blood chambers will also expand and remain more filled with blood if you do the PWOD's on a daily basis.

    At home just after I woken up I often do a very simple one which I will try to explain in words;
    - first you start with a small swing session to swing more blood in the penis;
    - secondly you sit yourself on the edge of the bed and push your penis and balls downwards. Now you extend your legs and squeeze them tight together so your penis and balls remain in the position you pushed them in. When all is in place you lean backwards with your upper body and move your extended legs downwards. This way you create a nice amount of stretch in your penis while in the same time working out your abs and legs. Remain in this position for a while or move your upper body and legs upwards again to release the stretch. You can repeat this as much times as you like.

    I hope you will enjoy doing your daily PWOD's and feel free to share yours with my and all fans of Velv'Or


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