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    Contrary to what many people believe, wearing a CRing is not just about keeping your penis filled full of blood and erect. 

    Whilst there is no getting away from the fact that CRings are sold to firm up and prolong your erection, you can wear them without an erection and gain a different kind of fulfillment.

    With the correct size of Bespoke or 3D printed Velv’Or CRing, you can wear one throughout the day when your penis is hanging, inactive and waiting for its next intimate session with your partner or partners or just with yourself. Even if erectile dysfunction inhibits you from getting an erection you can wear a CRing. And, as most of our CRings have an arm to rub against your perineum, we know that you’ll find wearing one a pleasurable experience. 

    It is no surprise to us that when wearing a Velv’Or CRing, you will feel good. Touch, caress or massage your perineum now. Get a partner to do it for you. You’ll find that even without an erection, having pressure applied to it is enjoyable, stimulating and satisfying. So imagine how you’ll feel having it stroked throughout the day when wearing one of our CRings

    Generally, CRings come in a range of designs: from the plain ordinary to the luxuriously beautiful. Made in a range of sizes or to measure, Velv’Or CRings are more than ordinary. They are extraordinary. Available in different materials; different colours and textures; and thoughtfully crafted: they can be inset with gems or semi precious stones. They are absolutely pieces of functional modern day jewelry. 

    If you think men don't wear jewelry, think again. Men wear rings on their fingers, thumbs and just behind their glans; chains with pendants or ethnic / surfer necklaces around their necks; expensive time pieces and bracelets on their wrists; studs, bars and rings through piercings; tie pins, cuff links and belts with fancy buckles; .... They wear them because it helps them define who they are. The chances are that as a man you wear some kind of jewelry, too.

    Jewelry makes you feel good about yourself, irrespective of what others may think. It helps denote your self-perceived status and to declaim to others just how you feel. Jewelry says of you: “I know who I am”; “I am comfortable in my own skin”. 

    If you want to wear a Velv’Or CRing either all day as a piece of jewelry or just for intimate occasions, we recommend you choose the appropriate size. The fit will need to be sufficient to keep the CRing in place, yet loose enough not to impede the blood flow through your genitals. Any signs that you are loosing sensation in them when wearing a CRing are a clear indication that there is a problem and that help should be sought.

    Normally, jewelry is worn to be visible. Displaying your Velv’Or CRing when wearing it may be something you feel ought to be a bit more of a private thing. There are opportunities for wearing one in public where it can be seen, though that rather depends upon the places you frequent and the rules and regulations in place. All we can say is be prepared for the attention you will receive. If, instead, you wear it under clothing, one of our CRings will give you the appearance of having more than you normally have in your pants. Wearing one will push forward what you do have from its normal position, creating the illusion that you are well above average in that department. So if you are a man who likes that look, our CRings will help.

    We’ve said you can wear our CRings all day, but what about all night as well? Falling asleep while wearing one may not be a problem, but do remember that in periods of deep sleep your penis develops a mind of its own and becomes erect: perhaps as many as four or five times a night. If the CRing is not sitting correctly when that happens there could be some discomfort. With this in mind, why not try it out and see how it goes. You'll probably find your deep sleep EnRiched and your morning erections all the better for wearing a CRing.

    We know the idea of being EnRinged with a Velv’Or CRing will set your thoughts running and your blood pulsing. One will ornament your body, whether or not your penis is aroused and making its self-centered demands on you to be in contact with something. So if you aren’t already a Velv’Or CRing owner, and even if you are, have a look at our online store to find out what we have to offer. You’ll find a CRing there that will fit your requirements and you pocket.

    Remember to always be guided by your body when wearing a CRing.

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