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    Whatever type of ring you want to wear make sure you know what it is called. You could be putting yourself in peril, if you don’t know. For example, be sure not to ask for a prick ring, if what you want is a cock ring. Let us explain why.

    In 1760, the Swiss physician Samuel-Auguste Tissot wrote about the debilitating consequences of masturbation. He reported his observations on the decline in physical and mental health of men, youths and boys who he thought over indulged in pleasuring themselves and in so doing wasted vital energies.

    By the 19th century the idea had spread, with some sections of western society attributing the decline in societal standards they saw around them to the wasting of such energies. For them, ejaculation should occur only during martial intercourse while the penis is in the vagina. If a man or a youth spilled, shed, or shot his semen in any other situation they believed he was suffering from a disease known as spermatorrhea or seminal weakness.

    Whether the semen was released voluntarily or involuntarily was not the issue. The sufferer had to be cured of the condition to preserve his physical and mental health and halt any further deterioration in society.

    These days, few people would think that orgasmic experiences, whether from shared or solo activities, could lead to such changes in society. At Velv’Or we certainly don’t. Ejaculation is a normal thing and we want to encourage you to enjoy yours. We want you to be fitter, healthier and more sexually active, whether you are with a partner or by yourself.

    However, the 19th century believers thought matters needed to be taken in hand. They were on a mission to save people from themselves and to protect society from further decline. Sermons were preached and pamphlets written. They spread the word about the dangers of the voluntary emissions resulting from over arousal, masturbation and fornication. But they also had to deal with preventing involuntary discharges, such as those that can occur while sleeping?

    Ejaculating while asleep is natural, normal and euphemistically known as having a nocturnal emission, a wet dream or nightfall. It happens to most men, but occurs more commonly in adolescence and early adulthood. Stopping it happening would be difficult!

    A penis typically becomes erect three to five times a night during deep sleep. Why this happens is not known, though it is thought that these periods of nocturnal penile tumescence, or NPTs, contribute to the health of the penis.

    Each time NPT happens there is an opportunity for seminal fluid to be released. The believers realized this and that if there were no NPT then there would be no ejaculation. So devices were designed, manufactured and put on sale that would stop NPT. Some of the entrepreneurs were so happy with their inventions they patented their ideas.

    In general the inventions fell into two categories. The first stopped the sleeper’s genitals being rubbed and becoming aroused. The second type caused pain if the sleeper’s penis started to become erect. The pain would either stop the progress of the erection in its tracks or awaken the sleeper enabling him to voluntarily deal with the situation.

    Prick rings were one type of these pain-inflecting devices. The prick in their name was not a reference to the penis, but to the action of the ring. They were designed with two parts. A pair of flexible arms held the device on the shaft of spermatorrhea sufferer’s penis. A second larger adjustable outer ring had a series spikes on the inside, reminiscent of Piranha’s teeth. When worn correctly the spikes were held away from the skin of the flaccid shaft, but would the prick it if the girth of the shaft started to increase. Pricking the skin would inflict sufficient pain either to cause the erection to deflate or the sleeper to wake.

    Dr E. B. Foote’s Timely Warning device pictured above was made of aluminum and cost two US dollars. Other versions, cheaper in appearance, such as the one below, were available.

    Of course, wearing such a device required a certain mindset: in particular, a desire to be cured though for some people there may have been a desire to experience pain.

    So what does all this have to do with Velv’Or? No a lot, as we said above. Our cock rings, available at our online store, help provide pleasure through the enhancing and sustaining of erections and improving the quality of your ejaculations. We commend them to you. And for those of you into BSDM and male chastity / domination, who would like a bit of discomfort as well as pleasure, contact us - we can consider producing something special …

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