• It is a pleasure to see and hear Taylor Sparks one of the Sisters of Sexuality talk about our JNaja & JBoa. You can watch the whole talk of Taylor or just head over to about 16 minutes.

    Taylor is the owner of Organic Loven and proud seller of our JBoa, JNaja and JCobra. To visit her store click here

  • It made us very proud to see an Orange JNamo in the May 2018 Edition of SIEGESSÄULE

    Some of you might already know that some of our products will be shown on The Eroticism of Things - Erotik der Dinge" exhibition in the Museum der Dinge in Berlin from the 3rd of May till the 27th of August.

    We hope you will drop by when you are in Berlin!!

    Do you also want to be EnRinged with a Orange JNamo? If so get it now!!

  • It is a pleasure to hear and see Michael Angelo aka The Official Gay Guy talk about our JNaja and the interactions of Angelina Castro. Michael Angelo aka The Official Gay Guy simply loves this Ergonomic Cock Ring of ours!!

    Please scroll to 9:00 for the piece about the JNaja.

    Will you also say AMEN??

  • Even though we don't speak Czech we thank Veronika from Růžový Slon for her video with our JBoa.

    Velv'Or JBoa znamená v překladu „hroznýš“, což je škrtič, jak se patří. Osvědčený erekční kroužek JBoa se stříbrnou kuličkou na rychlé utažení či povolení do potřebné polohy a velikosti nese právem toto jméno. JBoa je erekčním klenotem. Je velmi mužný, sexy a elegantní zároveň. Stažení penisu vede k omezení proudění krve v něm. Využijí ho tak pánové, kteří mají problém s erekcí. Nebo ti, kteří běžně problém s erekcí nemají, ale chtějí penis zpevnit a vyzkoušet jiné pocity při sexu. Kroužek bude skvělým doplňkem jak při pohlavním styku, tak při masturbaci. Penis bude mohutnější a citlivější. Nadchlo nás, že nepovoluje a perfektně drží. Dá se postupně utahovat nebo povolovat. Díky širokému oku se dobře nasazuje i sundává. Pozor na stažení kuličky k úplnému konci bužírky – špatně se natahuje zpátky. Líbí se nám speciální kovové pouzdro, ve kterém je kroužek skvěle přenosný. Když kroužek dáte do tuby, nelepí se na něj nečistota a můžete si ho vzít kamkoliv na cesty.

    Here is a link to check out our JBoa at Růžový Slon
  • From personal experience I know that a Sexless Relationship regardless the reason is very hard to handle from time to time.

    Mine is due to the mental illness of my partner, her medication and the fact that she is in her menopause.

    I can advise all men that are in a similar position as mine to tell their wife/girlfriend to accept this period in life and not fight it. It can also be a learning experience in which you try out new Sex Positions - positions that are comfortable for her and do not give her pain. Many positions in which your penis penetrates her deeply are painful while you hit her Cervix Mouth. She will experience pain in her lower abdomen.

    It is also important to try to have sex on different hours of the day so not as probably always just before going to sleep. You basically need to trigger her to become more self convinced again and feel sexy. Booking a Hotel room just for the day instead of the night can also break barriers. Best are rooms with a big shower, sauna, steam room or bubble bath.

    Well beside my experience and advise here is an interesting article to read for you:

    If you like to read the article and many more on Prevention please click here
  • It was great talking with boldpleasures and sharing my thoughts about CockRings with them. 

    Please head over to boldpleasures to read the article and many more. Just click here to enjoy the amazing article and their great site!!

  • Summer finally shoes his face in Amsterdam. How will you dress today??

  • We are very honored to have some Velv'Or products on the Erotik der Dinge / The Eroticism of Things Exhibition in the Museum der Dinge. 

    Museum der Dinge (Werkbund Archive – Museum of Things) chronicles the product culture of the 20th and 21st centuries, a culture marked by mass production and industrial manufacturing.

    So when you are living in Berlin or visiting Berlin between the 2nd of May and the 27th of August don't forget to drop by!
  • Even though our MANHOOD Penis Refresh is in a list of Weirdest Grooming Products you can buy. It still is great to be finally noticed by Men's Health.

    It is a bit unfortunate that Men's Health picked up this product of ours after we decided to stop selling it.

    For the full Men's Health article please click here

    We are looking forward towards seeing more products of ours on Men's Health

  • When you stick with the standard SPODs - Sex Positions Of the Day, sex will eventually become boring. That is also why we advise all the members of our League Of EnRinged Gentlemen and their partners to be creative and put some color back in their sex lives!

    Enjoying more creative SPODs - Sex Positions Of the Day on an Exercise / Fitness Ball for instance will spice up your sex life for sure. Even-though the drawings show a Gentleman and a Lady these SPODs - Sex Positions Of the Day of course can also be enjoyed by two Ladies or two Gentlemen!!

    While the Cosmopolitan and the Women's Health also posted some nice posts here they are:

    If you like to make it even more spicy you can always use this Skippy Ball instead of the standard version.

  • Thanks XtraCurricular for the image

    One of the most frequent asked question is "Dear Velv'Or / Jelle, which size should I order?"
    It is a question I, Jelle Plantenga the owner of Velv'Or, receive in my email box multiple times a week and I have to say it is a pleasure being able to answer all personally. Most are asked by future members of the League of EnRinged Gentlemen but some also by their partners.

    Until I created a page especially for FAQ I ask you all to remain sending me your emails.

    Here are some drawings that show you how to get EnRinged

  • For people that live in The Netherlands and in specific the ones in Heerenveen or close to Heerenveen pop by Euphoria at the Lindegracht 43 to get one of our Brown JNaja in 50MM.

    Or simply head over to there online store


    Voor alle Nederlanders en in het specifiek die dicht bij Heerenveen wonen loop even langs bij Euphoria, op de Lindegracht 43 8441GK Heerenveen, om een van onze Bruine JNaja in 55MM te kopen.

    Of check hun online winkel