• How To Find Hope (And More Sex!) In A Sexless Marriage

    From personal experience I know that a Sexless Relationship regardless the reason is very hard to handle from time to time.

    Mine is due to the mental illness of my partner, her medication and the fact that she is in her menopause.

    I can advise all men that are in a similar position as mine to tell their wife/girlfriend to accept this period in life and not fight it. It can also be a learning experience in which you try out new Sex Positions - positions that are comfortable for her and do not give her pain. Many positions in which your penis penetrates her deeply are painful while you hit her Cervix Mouth. She will experience pain in her lower abdomen.

    It is also important to try to have sex on different hours of the day so not as probably always just before going to sleep. You basically need to trigger her to become more self convinced again and feel sexy. Booking a Hotel room just for the day instead of the night can also break barriers. Best are rooms with a big shower, sauna, steam room or bubble bath.

    Well beside my experience and advise here is an interesting article to read for you:

    If you like to read the article and many more on Prevention please click here

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