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    Sometimes we need to be inspired to enjoy different Sex Positions.

    Like this wheelbarrow position demonstrated by our JBoas.
    It is a position that people of all ages can do and which can be performed while penetrating your partners vagina or anus.
    She/he just sits on her hands and knees on the floor and you kneel behind her/him. To start getting comfortable in this position slide your penis inside her/him and grab her/his feet and pull these upwards so her/his feet and knees will get of the floor. While in this position trust her/him; if this feels comfortable for both you can try standing up remaining in this position.

    I say enjoy experimenting different Sex Positions together to make sex more interesting and pleasurable for both. Why always the same positions if you can enjoy a different one each time you have sex.

    Oh and guys never skip a day in the year without doing this PWOD - Penis Workout Of the Day

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