• I’ve previously owned the JNata

    For all the members of our League Of EnRinged Gentlemen and beyond that do not own a JNada of ours yet. Maybe this review will let you make the decision to get one.

    I’ve previously owned the JNata and decided to try the JNada instead. It truly is the perfect ring.

    The ergonomic design makes it the most comfortable non-adjustable ring that I own, because material is so light weight and quickly warms to your body temperature.

    If you select the size carefully, the ring works perfectly when erect and remains in place when you are relaxed. 

    Unlike stretch-rings, this one is comfortable enough for continuous wear. And, unlike typical, basic metal “O”-type rings, this one is far less likely to slip off and fall down the leg of your pants and cause embarrassment in public. No one really wants to chase a “runaway” cock ring in a crowded room. :)

    If you like to be EnRinged with a JNada as well please head over to our www.Velv-Or.com or our Marketplace Shop on Shapeways.

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