• Our 3D Printed CRings on Shapeways

    We just started with a new collaboration. A collaboration with Shapeways which is a Dutch Found, New York-based 3D Printing marketplace and service company. 

    At the Shapeways Marketplace Shop we offer you our JNada, JNaja. JNamo and JNata for a slightly lower price as on www.Velv-Or.com this while the quality of the 3D Printed CRings is slightly less than when buying them at www.Velv-Or.com. The Printers and Tumbling machines at Shapeways are of a different type and quality to those of the 3D Printing company we work with in The Netherlands.

    The shipping rates at Shapeways are:

    We hope you appreciate this new way to get your CRings of ours and are looking forward seeing your orders on www.Velv-Or.com or www.shapeways.com/shops/velv-or

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