• From time to time we notice Cock Rings that look very very similar to ours and on these moments we ask ourselves the question: Are they Inspired by ours or Copied from ours??

    We wonder what your thoughts are?? Thanks for sharing them in a comment.
  • The word Cock Ring in different languages

    haan ring - Afrikaans
    unazë karshi - Albanian
    ዶሮ ቀለበት - Amharic
    خاتم الديك - Arabic
    աքաղաղը - Armenian
    xoruz üzük - Azerbaijani
    oilarra eraztuna - Basque
    кальцо крана - Belarusian
    মোরগ রিং - Bengali
    penis prsten - Bosnian
    пръстен пръстен - Bulgarian
    anell de polla - Catalan
    pagtawag sa manok - Cebuano
    cock ring - Chichewa
    公鸡戒指 - Chinese Simplyfied
    公雞戒指 - Chinese Traditional
    u cuddaru - Corsican
    prst prstiju - Croatian
    kroužek penisu - Czech
    cock ring - Danish
    penisring - Dutch
    koko ringo - Esperanto
    kook rõngas - Estonian
    titi singsing - Filipino
    cock ring - Finnish
    cockring - French
    hûdring - Frisian
    anel de galo - Galician
    მამალი ბეჭედი - Georgian
    Penisring - German
    δακτύλιο πελμάτων - Greek
    ટોક રીંગ - Gujarati
    Kolye Ring - Haitian Creole
    Ƙungiyar Cock - Hausa
    ʻO ka Cock Ring - Hawaiian
    טבעת תרנגול - Hebrew
    मुर्गा की अंगूठी - Hindi
    Cock Nplhaib - Hmong
    Cock Ring - Hungarian
    Cock Ring - Icelandic
    Mkpụrụ ụbọchi - Igbo
    Cincin Ayam - Indonesian
    Cock Ring - Irish
    Cock Ring - Italian
    コックリング - Japanese
    Cock Ring - Javanese
    ಕಾಕ್ ರಿಂಗ್ - Kannada
    Аққұба - Kazakh
    កោនកង់ - Khmer

    More will follow

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  • It took a bit of time to create a Stainless Steel version of our beloved JCobra. We called it the JViper and we hope you adore it!!

    The JViper is the Stainless Steel version of our JCobra. A ergonomically bent CockRing which is individually handcrafted by our Amsterdam Silversmith. A CockRing created by Jelle Plantenga which is a luxury attraction on a Gentlemen’s body.

    A CockRing a gentleman can wear the whole day giving him the pleasure of being “EnRinged”- making sure his perineum is massaged / first chakra is being stimulated – which will increase his sexual health and makes him feel more manly and confident. Of course it has serious benefits during sex, giving him a firm amount of pressure on the perineum which results in a harder erection and a stronger orgasm.

  • While I am often asked the question "Jelle when should I be EnRinged is this only during sex or also just during the day?"

    I hope this Vlog of mine gives you the answer to your question. If not feel free to comment below or send me an email.

    If you have any suggestions for more Vlogs feel free to mention them to me.
  • While we know that the high shipping costs from The Netherlands make some of you decide not to order a 3D Printed JNata we added them as to Velv'Ors Marketplace Shop at Shapeways

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