• Yay, nay or simply just OTT? - 8 Luxury sex toys by Marie Claire Malaysia

    We are always very happy to see our JCobra featured by the global press. Thanks Marie Claire Malaysia and Lira Jamaluddin!!

    2. JCobra Ring by Velv’Or

    Would you rather pay for the down-payment of a house or gift this oh-so-charming cock ring to your man instead?

    The unique organic oval-shape is designed by Velv’Or to flow with the natural contours of a gentlemen’s groin, making it the most comfortable, ergonomic cock ring ever created. The JCobra ring can be worn all day long, giving the wearer discreet pleasure, as the extension tip delivers firm pressure, constantly massaging his perineum.

    The designers of this lavish accessory promise harder erections and stronger orgasms, but for that price, this cock ring should probably wash the dishes for you, do the laundry and go to work for the rest of your life too.

    Oh! You also have the choice to turn up your fancy game by substituting or adding diamonds to the pearl that’s already attached to it.

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