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  • A question that is frequently asked me is the following: Jelle are your 3D Printed CRings Rigid or Soft ??

    In this 5th Vlog you will learn about the "Why they are Rigid".

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  • It is a pleasure to share this Italian review by Plug the Fun with you. Please also visit their site while they got some amazing reviews for you. If you don't read Italian just use Google Translate or an other translating site.

    Here is a small part of the translation:

    It is a masculine and very masculine sex toy, used to prolong an erection by playing on the flow of blood that reaches the penis. It's quite interesting as a ring type and I think it's like a first ring. So if you are curious to try it is right for you, you can easily adjust it. It is not a standard size, but through the steel ring around the black rubber, it adjusts itself without too much trouble.

    For the rest please head over to https://www.plugthefun.com/2017/09/jboa-di-velv-or-un-ring-semplice-regolabile-elegante/

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  • We are very proud to have an advert in the Naughty N' New Orleans Special 20th Anniversary edition by ASN Magazine.

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  • After the JNaja Jay from Tess Tesst also reviewed our JBoa.

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