• PWOD - Stay Hard

    A Fit Penis is a penis most men prefer to have. A penis that is able to be nicely filled with blood for a good amount of time. I, Jelle the owner of Velv'Or, believe that every guy can achieve this when he lives a healthy fit lifestyle. Total body workouts are key in this lifestyle and these of course also includes Penis Exercises. A very easy one you should do every single day and preferably multiple times on the day is "Staying Hard for about 30 Min".

    It is an exercise that can easily be done while sitting behind a desk, sitting in a car, while walking, while laying down, it can actually be done where ever you are. I understand that you might think "uhm but when I do this all people around me will notice this" this can of course be the case when being nude or wearing a loose underpants that is also why I advice a tight knee long underpants which will keep your penis firmly beside your leg. When going flaccid you can simply put your hand in your pocket to stimulate your penis by applying some pressure to it or by tapping on it.

    This Penis Exercise will make your penis fitter due to the increased amount of blood that will flow in it. Please do not get scared when you feel a bit of ache in your penis. This is completely normal!

    I wish you lots of pleasure during this PWOD.

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