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    Do you trim your pubic hairs, as the Greek warrior in the image above? If you do, you may be doing it to meet with your own needs or to conform to other people's expectations. Not to mention that you are probably aware trimming your pubic hair can make your penis appear longer.

    So we ask the League Of EnRinged Gentlemen, do you sport a naturally unkempt bushy crop of pubic hairs or have your curls been reigned in to be neater and more ordered? Perhaps, you have gone so far to remove them all together!

    Tidying up the hairs on your genitals, depending on who you listen to and what you read, is something that is either fashionable, practical, preferable, necessary due to beliefs or any combination of these. Whatever you do, most men would say that they want it to have a pleasing appearance.

    It is not really known just how many men clip, trim or manscape themselves using any of the other techniques available. However, the variety and sales of implements for maintaining the look have both gone up significantly in recent years.

    You can go for the all-over tidy up leaving just short hairs; or a trim and a bit sculpting removing the hairs from just your balls; or perhaps you wish to be rid of just the low-hanging groin hairs.

    However, please do remember that pubic hairs are there for purpose, even though we don't really know what that purpose is. Theories include that they trap pheromones, the chemical signals that help people to become attracted to one another or send sexual 'signals' to one another.
    Reducing the rubbing and chaffing of skin against skin is another. Remember though that too much of a trim or close shave can make it harder to keep the area dry and free of sweat.

    And it is not just sculpting that is rising in popularity. Dying public hair is also on the increase. It may be an expression of being yourself, when vividly bright rainbow colors are used, though it could also be a case of masking hairs that have gone grey.

    Whether you manscape, don't think that you are doing something new. Men have been keeping their public tresses presentable for millennia. We know this, not because trimmings have been found blocking up the plughole of history, but through references in the texts, and depictions in paintings and on statues.

    Here are Kouros statues from between 800 and 480 BC, disporting different trims.

    And though Aristodikios, the statue on the left, looks to be wearing a ring round the base of his penis, it is actually part of the depiction of his pubic hair.

    Whether you are tempted to or have already reduced or leveled your excess growth, trimming down your tressed will of course allow you to show off your beautiful Velv'Or CRing.

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    Feel free to share your thoughts on or pictures of pubic hair or shaved skin while being EnRinged on our sub-reddit at https://www.reddit.com/r/EnRingedGentlemen/

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