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    We know that all members of our League Of EnRinged Gentlemen will agree that this is a myth! Cock Rings are on the market to EnRich the lives of the guys that wear them and that they are not only on the market to assist with erection problems. We agree with Steve Callow that they are 'gear for the sexual athlete and sexual aware men'.

    Well as you know ours are not vibrating and by many called 'the most comfortable to wear'. It is an absolute myth to think they are unnecessary, annoying and distracting. But we know it is unfortunately a common thought in the mind of most hetero sexual men & women.

    Absolutely not. The members of your League Of EnRinged Gentlemen come for many different ethnic backgrounds and professions. Beside this it is a nice mix of straight, bisexual and gay men. We have to agree with Steve Callow that the number of Cock Rings sold to straight men is growing every day especially to men above 40 that came to the conclusion that a Cock Ring EnRiches their lives. Most of these men fall in love with our Cock Rings and create a collection of colors and sizes to please every single moment in their lives.
    Does Swinging make you Kinky? We don't believe it does while Swinging EnRiches your life in multiple ways. Luckily for us many Swinging men found our brand and fallen in love with our products.

    This can only happen while wearing our JNamo or when you wear multiple CRings of ours at the same time like a JNada with a JNaja for instance. Keeping it trimmed or shaved is probably the best way to wear CRings.

    Due to this reason it is very very important to listen carefully to your body and not go to small in size!! When you are not sure of your size before purchasing a Cock Ring we advise all men or to go to a good Sex Toy Store that offers fitting or purchase a set with multiple sizes before purchasing your Cock Ring.

    We barely hear this from our Cock Rings but when you are scared you can best go for a Precious Metal version.

    We agree with Dr. Steixner and for this reason we always say listen carefully to your body and never go to small!!

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    You can order ours at www.Velv-Or.com

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