• Velv'Or Bespoke - a league of their own

    Proud is the correct word when I, Jelle the owner of Velv'Or, am looking at these three amazing Bespoke products.

    Our JCobra is a precious metal CrownJewel for his Crown Jewels. A real jewel around his manhood one that reminds him continuously of the fact that he is a man. A man that is ready for action when required.

    Our VV X is a partner used erotic jewel which always is individually created by our master Silversmith from the UK. This precious erotic jewel gets her/him towards an amazing climax when handled sensually by her/his partner.

    Our JViper is like all stainless steel Cock Rings created for him to wear around his penis and scrotum. A Cock Ring that can not be compared with any other out there one that really does what he is created for.

    I hope you will be one of the future proud owners of these pieces of art!!

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