• Not only a close-fitting fashion accessory, but also has a substantial function

    I, Jelle Plantenga am very pleased with the fact that Orange Express publish the below in 2014.
    Sorry I continuously forgotten to share this with you all.

    I sincerely hope to EnRich the lives of many many Chinese and Asians soon. So feel free to spread the word!!

    Since we are in the Netherlands where the concept of sex is open, let us talk about their fun product design! The products of the Dutch sex toys store are all available, and all kinds of different kinds of products can be found: eating, using, wearing, wiping, watching, and the style is all-encompassing, cute, humorous, Sexy, cruel and varied, including of course the design of modern fashion.


    滿足完女士們了,當然也要關照一下男士們。荷蘭品牌 Velv’Or 不只針對男性需求推出私處環(cockring)、香水、保養霜等新潮產品,更將情趣商品的定位提升到另一個境界。其中的 JCobra 男士專用私處環系列,造型簡單且符合人體工學造,在功能上有刺激、助長男性雄風的功效,所使用的銀飾材質更讓它像件貼身的時尚飾品。另外,採用最新3D印刷技術量產的 JNaja 系列,讓價格變得更平易近人許多,絕對是跟得上時代的新潮設計。
    Satisfied with the ladies, of course, also take care of the men. The Dutch brand Velv’Or not only launches trendy products such as cockring, perfumes and maintenance creams for males, but also promotes the positioning of sexy goods to another level. The JCobra men's private ring series is simple and ergonomic. It is functionally stimulating and promotes the male glory. The silver material used makes it look like a stylish accessory. In addition, the JNaja series, which is mass-produced with the latest 3D printing technology, makes the price more accessible and more attractive, and definitely keeps up with the trendy design of the times.

    The Netherlands has no taboo atmosphere, so that the design can also penetrate into the world of fun products. It has a style, a simple style, a simple color, a combination of technology, and completely escapes the traditional framework of sex goods, providing a more diversified choice in the market.


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