• Probably many of you know that Beetroot Juice boosts your fitness enduring but did you also know that it boosts your sexual endurance as well and gives you stunning hard erections!!

    Beets are a rich source of potent antioxidants such as carotenoids, vitamin C, flavonoids, and phenolic acids, along with nitrate. Nitrate is a chemical naturally occurring in certain foods and is converted into nitric oxide when consumed.

    Drinking beet juice raises nitric oxide levels in your body.  This nitric oxide helps the circulatory and respiratory systems to supply oxygen to the penis during erections. It is shown to increase cardiorespiratory performance and improve erections.

    Nitric oxide works by stimulating body functions affecting oxygen utilization. It opens up your blood vessels increasing blood flow and feeding more oxygen to working muscles.3 Nitric oxide also functions as a signaling molecule communicating with your cells and body tissues. This communication ensures more blood flow to the muscle and adequate oxygen intake inside the muscle.


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  • "A great story by a member of our League Of EnRinged Gentlemen"

    This happened to me a few years ago, when I was in my early 30s. Uncut, 6", blond, trimmed, fit, curious, just an average European guy. On a train late in the evening, somewhere in Europe.

    Only a few people in the compartment. No one was facing me. So they wouldnt notice anything unless they turned around and looked back. I had been kneading and stroking my uncut dick in my pants for quite some time, wearing my silver grey JNaja cockring. When it had started oozing precum and I was fully hard, i took it out and continued playing with it openly.

    I was sure no one was paying attention, until i realized that one guy was checking me out in the reflection of the window. My first reaction was to hide my dick, but when i saw him smiling, i took it out again and continued stroking. I fixed my eyes on him in the reflecting window until i cummed all over my stomach. I wiped off with a kleenex and left it on the floor, so I could throw it away later.

    He stood up to get off at the next stop. When he passed by my seat, he winked at me, picked the kleenex up from the floor and wished me a good ride.


  • Luckily for me, Jelle the founder of Velv'Or, I have known Taylor Sparks, host of Sisters of Sexuality: Five Shades of Play podcast and Founder/Sex Goddess of Organicloven.com, that carries the Velv'Or brand.

    Over the years she has been a very devoted Gentleman Ring Fitting Lady and made many Gentlemen and Ladies of Gentlemen very very happy members of Velv'Or's League Of EnRinged Gentlemen.

    IIt was a pleasure for me to finally be on her podcast with her after listening to all of her previous Five Shades Of Play episodes on https://anchor.fm/sistersofsexuality

    Click play below and enjoy the episode I did with the amazing Taylor.

    Hereby some links of Sisters Of Sexuality and Taylor





  • From time to tome you see a post on Social Media and you simply have to get in contact with the person behind the post. Lately this was the fellow Dutch guy Ralph Moorman who written the cool book De Testo Factor. I suggested an exchange of a JBoa and his book. A pretty cool Facebook comment conversation followed after he posted my below email to his Facebook timeline:

  • In these strange times with COVID-19 aka the Coronavirus in the air we wish all the members of our League Of EnRinged Gentlemen, all their love ones and all people surrounding them (the global population) all the best!!


  • Hell yeah our JBoa is back and this time stronger than ever.

    For these new styles we developed a stylish storage box as well as a minimalistic carry along sleeve. So the JBoa can again be on the bedside table in its box or in its sleeve ready to get in action when required.

    Hope you like them all and we are looking forward seeing your orders!


  • We love it when members of our League Of EnRinged Gentlemen post their images on Reddit but we love it even more when we see sexting images like these.

    We are looking forward seeing yours on our sub-Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/EnRingedGentlemen/ or sharing them for you.

    If you aren't a member of our League yet please get EnRinged by ordering one of our designs at www.Velv-Or.com or your favorite SToy Store!!