• About Velv'Or

    Velv’Or is the inventing company behind some amazing products for Gentlemen. The name Velv’Or stands for the various physiological stages of the Penis. 'Velv' comes from the word 'Velvet' meaning Soft while 'Or' is derived from the word 'Vigor' meaning Hard.

    All started in November 2006 when the founder Jelle Plantenga was looking for a stylish cockring in and could not find what he was looking for. Together with a Dutch silversmith he created the first prototype; a bended silver cockring, which functioned effectively, but Jelle wanted it to be more comfortable and it had to give pressure on the perineum one of the most sensitive parts of the male anatomy. So he sent the prototype of to an award winning master silversmith from the UK. And together with him he created the JCobra.
    After numerous requests from consumers, retailers and distributors in November 2011 Jelle found a way to launch a more common version of the JCobra, which was called JNaja. A very revolutionary manufactures product; the first 3D printed Sextoy for commercial sales. From that moment on all JCobra fans that could only dream of wearing one where, able to BeRinged with a moer affordable version of this great ergonomical designed cockring.

    Hope you will enjoy our products!

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