While I, Jelle the guy behind Velv'Or, am frequently asked the same questions I created this page.
    If you have any question I didn't answer yet please place a comment below or send me an email.

    Are your 3D Printed Cock Rings Rigid or Flexible?

    When should I be EnRinged?

    How to get ConStricted!

    Is it possible to warm the VV X before using it? I do not want to put a cold metal VV X into my partner.

      Of course you are able to warm up your Precious Metal VV X prior to inserting it into your partner. You can run some hot water over it or lay it between your legs for a short while. 

      My wife thinks it is weird that I am EnRinged. Is this a common thing?
        Well unfortunately there are still many many heterosexual people that believe being EnRinged is weird or just a gay-thing. We will for once and for all tell you that it is far from being weird as well as from just a gay-thing. In our League Of EnRinged Gentlemen there are men from all ages, skin colors, sexual preferences, etc. None of them is weird they are all normal men with jobs like; bankers, actors, baristas, tattoo artists you name it and someone with a profession you had in mind is a member of our League Of EnRinged Gentlemen.

        I can not see any posts on your sub-reddit. What am I doing wrong?
          The reason why you can not see any posts is while the sub-reddit is labeled as NSFW. You just simply have to check the box "show NSFW" while being logged into the desktop site. When you checked this and saved your new settings you can view our posts as well as all posts on other NSFW labeled sub-reddits. Please know that the reddit-app does not give you the option to adjust this setting; you need to log into the desktop site.

          A lot of other Cock Rings offered by other companies are cheaper. Why should I pay the extra price?
            Most of the Cock Rings from colleagues of mine are mass produced while most of mine aren't. Only the BeauGosses and the standard JBoa are mass produced. All the other ones are individually created for you by the Silversmiths or the 3D Printing company I collaborate with. Meaning the Cock Ring will be created just for you.
            Beside this the shapes of my Cock Rings are different compared to the others out there on the market. And these shapes are highly appreciated by thousands of men on our globe.

            I see you offer a CRing with a short arm and one with a long arm how do I know which to choose?
              The two CRings you are referring to are the JNaja and the JNata. The JNaja is the one with the standard arm and the JNata with the longer arm. It is hard to say which one is the best for you. This while luckily for me most members of the League Of EnRinged Gentlemen own them both and love them both as well. They love to have the option to select the sensation they like to experience during the time they are EnRinged. Most that own the JNata like the way it reaches out to their anus and by doing this gives them a nice pressure on their perineum/taint. I would say flip a coin on it and order a JNaja or JNata or simply both.

              I have a beautiful silver JCobra that I would like to pass on to my son/friend/relative as a memento of our relationship and for his use if he wishes. I suspect his manhood (penis and scrotum) is not the same size as mine. Do you offer a resizing service?
                Such a precious and special gift this will be for him. Yes we offer resizing service on all solid King JCobras and JCobras.

                Do I always wear the same size or should I own multiple sizes of your Cock Rings?
                For the Penis Rings like the BeauGosse BG 001, JBoa and JPhyton you always wear the same size this while they are flexible or size adjustable and created with the penis itself in mind.
                The King JCobra, JCobra, VV 1, JNada, JNaja and JNata you can actually own multiple sizes of. This while the size of your manhood / your penis and scrotum changes every second of the day.

                If I buy one or more Cock Rings will my friends think I am gay?
                I hope you all don't mind me being honest here; if you have very narrow minded friend they might think you are but this tells more about them than it tells about you. In general most people broadened their thoughts about this.

                Are your Cock Rings & Penis Rings suitable for sharing?
                Yes of course they are suitable for sharing. The JPhyton, JBoa and BeauGosses can always be shared while they are flexible in size. The King JCobra, JCobra, VV 1, JNata, JNaja, JNamo and JNada can of course also be shared when your partner or friend wears the same size.

                Will the colour of the CRing fade?
                Only the 3D Printed CRings of ours will fade when you wear them. This is due to the fact that they are dyed like a stonewashed jeans. The color of the nylon powder that is used as base material is white or grey.

                What is the best way of cleaning a CRing/PRing after use?

                  All can be simply washed with a mild soap or dipped in just boiled water.

                  Do I have to be clean shaven to wear a Cock Ring or Penis Ring?

                    For the JBoa we for sure advise this but for all others you can be nicely shaved, trimmed or have a bush of hair.

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