The MANHOOD collection provides all Velv'Or fans and beyond something to add to their personal Velv'Or collection. Eight products that men can use on a daily basis or just when required:
    a Penis Vitamin supplement, a Penis Delay, a Penis Refresh Liquid, a 2 in 1 Massage & Lubricant, a Cum look a like Lubricant, a Powder Lubricant, an Anal Relax Lubricant and an After Shave Gel. All packed in an astonishing packaging.

    MANHOOD After Shave Gel is created to make your skin nice and soft after shaving. The ingredient of this unique lotion cools your skin and prevents it from itching. It reduces the likelihood of ingrown hairs.

    It’s a lotion that can be used all over your body, even on your most intimate parts. Although it’s created for the skin of men it’s also very suitable for women making it a must in your bathroom.

    'Enjoy a smooth skin'

    MANHOOD Anal Relax is created to enrich the pleasure of anal intercourse. The unique formula of this water based lube slightly numbs the top layer of skin, making it less sensitive and more relaxed to receive.

    It’s a lubricant that’s also ideal for foreplay penis massage as well; it makes your skin less sensitive so you can perform longer. It will delay your orgasm so you can please your partner for a longer period of time.

    We advise to apply the lubricant to your anus some minutes before intercourse so your body can absorb it. The same counts for your penis.

    'Enjoy a relax and long ride'

    MANHOOD Cum Lube is created for those who love the look of semen. This water based lube gives you a nice and silky vaginal or anal ride. It stays slippery for a long time so you will enjoy a long ride.

    'Enjoy the visualization'

    MANHOOD Massage & Lube is created to give you a very special experience during a massage, intercourse or during a mix of both. The ingredients of this special lube make it slippery for a long time and it can be re-activated again by adding a small amount of water.

    Men and their partners love to give the manhood a nice massage from time to time, and from our own experience we can say it’s a pleasure using this MANHOOD product.

    'Enjoy the feeling'

    MANHOOD Penis Delay is created to delay your ejaculation. About 30% of all men in the age range of 18 to 58 suffer from premature ejaculation.

    We know how unpleasant the feeling is for a man when comes too quickly. With this special liquid you will be able to hold on longer so you can give your partner as well as yourself more time.
    After a quick firm shake of the champagne colored liquid, spray 2 to 5 times on the penis – we advise to spray on the underside of your penis and on the head.
    When used before oral pleasure we advise to let the liquid absorb into your skin, dried by air for a few minutes and then be washed away with our Penis Cleaner ensuring your partner will not get a numb feeling in their mouth.

    The Penis Delay comes is a very handy 12ml bottle so it can be your companion everywhere you go and assist you when needed.

    'Enjoy the extra time'

    MANHOOD Penis Refresh is created to give your penis a quick refresh before, during and after action.

    Spray the liquid over your penis and wipe it off with a towel, toilet paper or simply let it dry by air so you can present your penis nice and fresh again.

    'Enjoy being Fresh'

    MANHOOD Penis Vitamins is created to give your manhood some extra energy by supplying it with some extra vitamin C and B’s. A mix that boosts the metabolism of your whole body and gives your penis the extra power it needs when performing, or wants to perform on a frequent basis. We advise you to take 2 tablets on a daily basis.

    'Enjoy the power'

    MANHOOD Powder Lube is created to give you the option to create your own lube wherever you are. This lube is easy to take with you in your hand baggage when traveling by plane - You don’t have to worry about airport & airline regulations or kids asking questions. The bottle fits perfectly between all bottles in your medicine closet or on your bedside table beside a bottle of water.

    After a quick shake of 1 bottle cap or 1.5 teaspoons of powder per every 100ml, and 5 minutes later the powder is your lube to use.

    'Enjoy a smooth travel'

    IMPORTANT NOTE: when the powder turned Rock Hard caused by humidity there is a very simple solution to use it! Simply pour some water in the bottle and give it a nice shake. Add water when the lube became to thick. The next time you want to use it simply do the same and so on.

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